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Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s
Q. What are the benefits of joining the Pennine Owners Club?
A. The club operates nationally, mainly in England and Wales. It is exclusive to owners of Pennine Folding Campers, and since 2009 allows hybrid models manufactured from 2009 by the Pennine Leisure Group. It offers a program of weekend meetings throughout the UK, usually from Easter until the end of September. Meets benefit from negotiated pitch rates on sites that are either recommended or inspected to check their suitability, and meeting with like minded people. The club also organise a two week summer meet, and a winter weekend in a hotel. Members will receive a quarterly magazine either electronically if they so wish, or in hard copy through the post if that is what they want.

Q. What does it cost to be a member of the Pennine Owners Club?
A. Membership rates will be £20 per year from 1 September 2010. But the negotiated rates for pitches at meets may save you this in a very short time.

Q. I have just ordered a new Folding camper and am looking around for insurance, does the club have a discounted insurance scheme?
A. No, there was a scheme until 2009, but with the changes in the Insurance market it is far easier now to shop around electronically to obtain competitive rates. Club members are often the best people to have knowledge of current best rates.

Q. I am looking to buy a secondhand Pennine folding camper, what should I be looking out for in particular?
A. As with all canvas equipment it is essential to see the camper fully erected, including the awning if included. The condition of the canvas is paramount as this is an expensive element to replace. Watch carefully how the unit is erected and ensure that all moving parts are working smoothly, and that the canvas fits well and that the fixings are sound. The chassis is galvanised like a caravans, so just check there is no physical damage, and that the tyres are the correct type for trailers. Ensure that the gas hose is not out of date and that the gas fittings work, and that the water pump also works. Spares are readily available for campers but anything untoward should be taken into consideration in the price.

Q. Are Pennine Campers easy to tow?
A. When the unit is folded down it will be below the roof line of almost all cars, and will noyt offer the wind resistance of caravans and box trailers. As with all trailers it is essential that you do not exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the towing vehicle. Door mirror extensions may be required for most smaller cars, and you may require a trailer stabiliser to stop the trailer snaking in adverse conditions. Many newer units have an ALKO stabiliser built in, especially the larger models. Automatic vehicles may require a gearbox oil cooler.

Q. Should I buy an awning with my folding camper?
A. When buying a new folding camper many dealers include an awning in the price, this is especially true at the major shows, where special offers are often available. Using an awning is a matter of choice, for weekends it may be your choice to use the camper only to reduce setting up and packing time. For longer periods the awning provides significantly more internal space for families especially, and makes for more flexibility in your holiday home.

Q. Which models have been included in the Pennine range?
A. There have been many models in the Pennine range since Pennine started mass production. The models made to the manufacturers specification and design are as follows:
  1. Alpine 1979-1981
  2. Aztec 1980-1999. Small two berth unit with beds to the side
  3. Pullman 1982 on. Large 6 berth unit with beds at each end, high specification
  4. Clubman 1984-1991. Large 6 berth unit with beds at each end, basic specification
  5. Fiesta 1990 on. Medium size 4 berth unit with side beds, middle specification.
  6. Sterling 1992 on. Large 6 berth unit with beds at each end, basic specification
  7. Pathfinder 1998 on. Extra large 6 berth unit, beds at each end, multi specifications.
  8. Apollo 1993-2003. Small 2/4 berth unit with side beds, replaced the Aztec, higher specification.
  9. Sovereign 2001-2003. Large 6 berth unit with end beds, medium specification.
There are many variations on the basic specifications as some dealers have added extra equipment and model names within the range. Colours vary on each model depending on year.

Q. How do I know the right price for a second hand Pennine unit?
A. You will have to check the market, but the condition is all important, a well looked after unit will be more expensive than a poorly maintained unit.