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Membership Application
We are a club for owners of Pennine Campers which, whilst encouraged by the manufacturer, is completely independent.

The Club provides friendly and safe camping for all Pennine owners, with varied activities throughout the year.

One of our aims is to choose sites which offer a range of facilities to cater for all tastes with emphasis placed on family camping including activities in which everyone can take part if they wish.

Membership costs 20.00 per year. If you camp with the club you can expect to recoup much of this fee in savings on site fees negotiated through the club for meets. We believe the help and experience that can be gained through membership is a valuable part of this club.

On joining you will be given a 10.00 voucher to attend your first weekend meet.

To access our online application form please enter your email address below and you will be emailed the link to join.

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